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IntelHub: Dr. Terence M. Dorn - Shared screen with speaker view
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Is there a Kettering College or University in Michigan Named after him?
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
So interesting. Glad to hear you are well Dr. Dorn. What does the group think or know about "Best Drone Insurance: Don’t Be A Casualty Of A Drone Crash" ?https://www.exploringlifesmysteries.com/best-drone-insurance/Any advice or suggestions about protection for Drone Insurance? https://www.rvnuccio.com/specialty-insurance-products/drone-insurance/I am not an insurance broker but I am looking for experts. Thankful to be here
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
How do you feel about the US support and Bidens trip to Saudi considering the Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen have been called war crimes. Many relied on U.S. support. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/interactive/2022/saudi-war-crimes-yemen/Currently, Yemen’s Houthis Extend Ceasefire with Saudi-Led Coalitionhttps://www.democracynow.org/2022/6/3/headlines/yemens_houthis_extend_ceasefire_with_saudi_led_coalition
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
What is your opinion about "Rain-Producing Silver Iodide Used To Fight Drought"? Have you any experiences with the tactics on UAS? https://www.manufacturing.net/home/news/13130048/rainproducing-silver-iodide-used-to-fight-drought
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
"One of the chemical compounds that has created the most controversy in recent years is silver iodide. It is an inorganic compound that is made up of a silver atom and an iodine atom. It is a light-colored yellow crystalline solid that tends to darken when exposed to light for a long time. It is not soluble in water but can dissolve in the presence of a high concentration of iodide ion." https://www.meteorologiaenred.com/en/silver-iodide.html
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
I have use UAS and GIS Mapping & Aerial Imagery Tools & Analytics called EagleView US. Its known as the #1 Tool and I have used this for accurate roof measurements. https://www.eagleview.com/
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Turkish drone is so effective, Ukrainian troops are singing about it "Drones are playing a key role in Ukraine's counter offensives against Russia's invasion. One is proving so effective that Ukrainian forces are singing its praises, literally. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh has the exclusive report." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4qUsPCFV28
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
So important
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Now turkey Doesn't want to Expand NATO with Finland and Sweden?
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Are Microfliers, Stringrays police communication monitoring, and Pegasus connected?
Michael Gormley
How close are we to a fully autonomous swarm capability? My concern is that drones can be programmed with multiple gps coordinates and thresholds for the amount of payload (I.e., how many UASs have attacked) before the swarm moves on to the next location.
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Interesting Michael, are these swarms solar powered?
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Okay, I want to join the Coast Guard now!
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
If "we" subsidizes it than who owns it? Is the government in manufacturing?
Dr. Gregg Wareham
Question ~ where can you get civilian training on how to use these systems?
Dr. Gregg Wareham
Could he put his contact details up one more time, please?
Bob Sutton
In a grid down asymmetric environment, are UAS systems sustainable with no power, gps, etc.?
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
How do you not have a human in the loop. if you program it does only what you allow?
Dr. Gregg Wareham
Any of these systems.
Dr. Gregg Wareham
My specialty is education
Dr. Gregg Wareham
How can civilian systems harden and protect themselves?
Laura Hunter, Sr. Administrative Assistant
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X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
So there is no aliens. just Chinese UAS?
Alison Becker
fascinating -- thanks so much!
Laura Yoon
Thank you, Dr. Dorn!
Dr. Gregg Wareham
Thank you Dr. Dorn. Wow....an amazing presentation
Bob Sutton
Thank you Dr. Dorn-one of the best presentations I have ever been part of.
Cynthia Skidmore
Thank you
X Reuben Patino | BA ECON
Thank You So Much