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IntelHub Presents: Israeli National Intelligence Culture - Ambivalences and Paradoxes - Shared screen with speaker view
Sergio Vera
Buenos días a todos. Soy Sergio VERA PUICAN. Especialista en Capacitación. Integrante de Profesionales Seguridad; ASCASEPP; Consultor de ONU. Gracias por la cordial invitación.
angela joves
Buenos Dias Sergio y a todos.
Joshua Duran
Is this similar to declassified Israeli operation which they led a strike on a nuclear facility?
Rocio Raffaele
Good morning everyone, how can I access a recording of this meeting to see it again?
Nicole Drumhiller, Assoc Dean SSGS
The recording will be posted on the IntelHub website when it is available
Joshua Duran
Operation Orchard
Rocio Raffaele
Thank you!
Joshua Duran
I did not realize there was also an operation in April 2021 with a similar, How in Israeli Intelligence so effective in the protection of the region in regard to enrichment sites and able to achieve seemingly extremally high success rates?
Jared Nunez
I love that, I never thought of the story of Moses from an intelligence perspective.
Joshua Duran
How doe intelligence operate and why utilize assassination on nuclear scientists instead of trying to utilize their skills outside of Iran?
Jared Nunez
Thank You sooooooo much!
Frederic Mulika
Does Hamas have bases in Africa?
Stella Micholitsi
Would you characterize the Israeli Intelligence Community decisions are state centered or society centered?
Ilan Fuchs
Is the accessibility of primary sources for scholars of Israeli intelligence more limited than scholars who focus on e.g U.S. intelligence?
Frances Tammer
Itai, Thanks for the talk. You made it quite clear that there are no formal national level mechanisms for co-ordinating the three int agencies, although you said it happens informally. Can you please expand as to how this works informally, and what are some of the pitfalls?
Joshua Duran
I'm only referring to declassified information, I actually think they seem much more effective than most intelligence agencies. High success rate for cyber warfare and disruption of nuclear enrichment sites in both 2015 and 2021
Stella Micholitsi
Could I speak?
Nicole Drumhiller, Assoc Dean SSGS
@Stella if you have a follow up just raise your hand and then we can bring you off mute.
Stella Micholitsi
Thank you I will
Burak Korkmaz
Do you think "start-up nation" cocept gives Israel an edge for future's security environment? and If yes what should we expect Israel to face in medium and long term? In terms of treats and adversaries...
Frances Tammer
Itai, if you had a bank sheet of paper to design the Israeli Int architecture, what would be your top 3 changes and whY?
Joshua Duran
Does the intelligence agency operate utilizing the mandatory military service personnel pool for long term utilization or is the intelligence agency outside of the this arena.
What would you say were the biggest changes or improvements in Israel's intelligence approach since the country's significant events such as the 6 day war for example?
Joshua Duran
Sorry, I am a very inquisitive and I think there is a lot to learn from Israel as far as intelligence and military are concerned. Their operational success is seemingly high and effective.
Adriano Ciciotti
Do you feel Israeli services are more or less hampered by bureaucracy/policy when it comes to all aspects of the intelligence cycle in comparison to their allied counterparts? As a comparison, I'm considering things like EO12333.
Stella Micholitsi
Intelligence Officers are the living corps amongst society that have the real pulse of the society. Do you think that their initiatives creates frictions between them and the senior officers?
Joshua Duran
What is the difference in intelligence strategy in matters such as Palestine vs Iran or other hostile? Are tactics similar in nature or is there a difference due to locality and likeliness of retaliation without fear. Israeli/Palestine conflict seems like allies are less likely to be involved. Is this kind of intelligence similar in nature to United States domestic terrorism operations
Stella Micholitsi
Do you think that in the future the civil military cooperation will be required to merge their potential in order to face the challenges that the "new wars" pose? and do you think that international law about wars poses a beaurocratic obstacle in facing asymmetric challenges?
Joshua Duran
I think a "Great Reset" isn't something that is realistic in intelligence, at least in regard to comparison to similar economical theory.
Nicole Drumhiller, Assoc Dean SSGS
Thank you all for your questions, I’m going to continue to work through them during this session. I did want to put a notice out there about our next IntelHub even on Framing and Studying Military Intelligence with David Strachan-Morris on February 17 at 10am eastern time.
Adriano Ciciotti
Thank you!
Sergio Vera
Nicole: Thank you !
Adriano Ciciotti
Do you think the proliferation of private intelligence services (blackcube, NSO, Psy-Grp), coupled with the bad press, has become a problem for the Israeli government and services?
Joshua Duran
Honestly I believe the United States could benefit greatly from similar policy of mandatory service. I think it would give a higher feeling of patriotism, offer a method for legal immigration, and if nothing else due to size of the United States would make for a stronger military. Especially if there was additional incentive to stay beyond the mandatory service time
angela joves
Hi Sir, I have a question: What is the Israeli intelligence community doing to strengthen / improve their resources for upcoming Israeli intelligence officers and what are they doing to maintain retention of the officers and personnel?
Joshua Duran
Yes thank you so much. This was extremely interesting and the insight to the Israeli Intelligence Community
Joshua Duran
Adriano Ciciotti
Thank you!
Stella Micholitsi
Sir,thank you and the AMU very much for this event. Very eye-opening and enlightening
Jared Nunez
I absolutely second that Joshua, could not say it better myself.
Riyan Khyyat
Thank you, it was very insightful.
angela joves
Thank you very much for the excellent session.
Marcus Smith
Thank you
Thank you, very enlightening.
Thank you, Very interesting!
Jared Nunez
Thank you guys so very much. I have ALOT of research to do!
Doron Pely
Thank you.
Burak Korkmaz
thank you
Razaq Longe
Thank you very much. This was interesting and very insightful.
Jared Nunez
Thank you1!!!
Nigel Kirby
Thanks Shapira